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    “Such freedom. healing and deliverance has hit my life personally, and I’ve been counting the love of God to such a high degree because of each of you. Thank you for loving me exactly where I am. God has used you strategically in my life and I’m forever changed and grateful.”
    “I was delivered of a demon of emphysema COPD at a CLI event. I was on oxygen for 12 years and Jesus delivered, healed and set me free.”
    “I was so close to quitting. They came to our church and I was set free of so many things. Back on fire like never before. These ladies are teaching us how to stay on fire.”

    “My whole family was set free this weekend in PA. Thank you for bringing my family closer to Jesus. What we felt through your ministry was incredible.”


    “The biggest takeaway was the absolute reverence I witnessed for the Holy Ghost! That’s one of those things I think that can’t be taught. It’s one that must be felt and experienced. I watched 5 incredible women yield and move so fluidly with His anointing. I watched an incredible worship team (and Amber!! Wow!) pour their hearts out to Jesus in love drenched songs. I witnessed kindness, gentleness and love. There’s no school for that. It was a beautiful expression of the body of Christ moving in tandem with the Father’s heart. I pray that gets seared into my soul for all eternity and I grow to move in the same seamless rhythm. Thank you so much for displaying that love for the Holy Spirit.”

    Amber, DHDS Tennessee Attendee

    “I don’t know why I ever signed up to go, but I am glad that I did. It’s been an incredible outpouring of love and acceptance from God to me that I didn’t know how badly I needed.

    In the Saturday night session, I saw Jesus’ cloak. I wanted to see His face but the “frame” of the image just cut off at His hips. For all of my life, I thought I was a disappointment to Him because of all of my issues, circumstances, lack of faith, willful sins, etc. I so yearned to see His face to see what His expression would be like. I never got to see His face, but when I saw Him walk towards me and stop in front of me, I felt His love for me. It just radiated out, in waves. It just clothed me, layer after layer. That’s the only way I can describe it. I cannot begin to fully state how healing and mind blowing His love for me felt. All the negativity and garbage I think I am, all the fubar stuff in my life, and yet I still matter to Him. Thank you Jesus!

    And thank you to CLI, Jennifer Martin for your obedience to God and for how you convey God’s love to people.”

    Peter, DHDS New Jersey Attendee

    “The first time someone laid hands (at the Dark Horse school in Tennessee), God began speaking so clearly telling me He loved me, I was His and I belonged. I saw a vapor come off me and a banner was on it that read ‘rejection’. I was crying so hard at this point.

    I felt a hand on my forehead again and suddenly I saw something else. A picture of my kids and I felt the Holy Spirit’s attention shift from me to my kids and He began to speak life into them and prophesy over their future. It hit me like a gut punch. I had never known the feeling of someone loving my kids MORE than my husband and I do. It blew my mind. I knew God loved me. But to feel someone love my kids in such a fiercely protective way wrecked me. I knew at that moment the Holy Spirit had my heart 100%. I would follow Him anywhere He said. He healed me as a mom in that moment.

    On Mother’s Day, He promised me He was going to heal my “mother wound.” I thought it was my relationship with my mom, but on that night it was my motherhood! Fear, failure, guilt, shame, anxiety, striving, all those awful things I struggled with for 10 years as a mom unraveled from the pit of my stomach in that one moment. I felt a grace come on me for being a mom, that’s what he replaced it all that guilt with.

    He then went onto my year of having postpartum depression after my second child and promised me He would “redeem the time.” He is so KIND!

    Another big takeaway is the way you guys talked about the intentional gentleness during deliverance, going back to the respect for the Holy Spirit, the work HE is doing and being so kind with His children. Beautiful. Huge revelation. So was the discussion in bonding. Makes so much sense and such good wisdom.

    Thank you Jennifer and team for following the Holy Spirit. You all do it so well.”

    Amber, DHDS Tennessee Attendee

    “I received some deliverance on Sunday morning at the New Jersey deliverance school. Since then I do feel freedom like a clearer mind, clearer vision and temptations seem to have vanished. I also don’t feel as restless like I have to be doing something all the time. I am so thankful for the prayer and that Jesus did a lot of work in me that day. My wife and my in-laws noticed a difference in me (in how I looked and acted) before I even told them about it. I also learned a lot about doing deliverance which was a big part for helping me go through deliverance but also to walk in this for others.”
    Levi, DHDS New Jersey Attendee

    “I attended the Tennessee school and wasn’t prepared for what would come. I’m Catholic and lately I’ve had it on my heart to go somewhere for revival. I knew that I would receive deliverance on Friday. During some of the teaching, my stomach turned and I felt like I was going to be sick. Something about both Jennifer and Rachel rubbed me the wrong way.

    It was weird…I admire both of them. But after Rachel’s testimony Friday night, I knew I needed to get the baptism of fire and I wanted her to pray for me to get it!

    During worship, Jennifer came to me and prayed. I immediately felt like I took a backseat and the demons came forth. I saw the bad guys and Jennifer scolding them, that they were attempting to be disruptive! They growled and yelled, “No!” I collapsed on the floor and started dry heaving them out. Jennifer then called Tamara over, who stayed with me. I was pulling back my hair with one hand, and that hand moved to my throat when I heaved.

    What was crazy was I felt like I could stand up and make this stop, but the Lord didn’t want me to. It was like I was paralyzed within, and He wanted me to see this, but it was also my choice. He wanted me to understand the reality of what was happening. He wanted me to learn about this, and experience His deep love, mercy and protection for me.

    Once my deliverance was finished, the Holy Spirit showed an image of me as a 4-year-old in a blue and white dress with pigtail braids. I was so young and innocent and yet had so many silly hurts from unmet expectations. He said, “Baby girl, you don’t need to hold onto these feelings/memories anymore,” and He sealed the door shut.

    I wept so deeply over the true tragedy of it all, and over the Lord’s love for me. I had become so jaded at such a young age that I missed out on the joy of life. I felt an empty place and soreness at my sternum, but the Lord continued to heal me throughout the night.

    When I thought it was all over, Rachel came over with the sweetest expression of love and started to pray over me. I practically exploded at her, asking her to pray that I receive the baptism of fire. I was so excited! I received my spirit language and while I don’t know how all of this really works, I feel so alive and full!

    I want to thank you for your answer to the Lord’s call. All the effort and details…each of you have put so much work into this and I praise the Lord for your work in the world.”

    -Lauren, DHDS Tennessee Attendee

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