Our Story

    Our Story

    Munday and Jennifer Martin’s story, including the birth of Contagious Love International, started many years ago. Both being set free and healed from years of addiction, ignited a love for God and His Church before they even were married. Munday was traveling on international missions trips around the world and preaching and leading worship at his local church, when he met Jennifer and got married shortly thereafter in 2001.

    Their union sparked a united mission to share the gospel and the love of Jesus everywhere followed by signs, wonders, and miralces. Over the years, they would raise money and take supplies to give away to orphans and widows in various countries around the world, but eventually returned to Israel for a total of 22 trips. Their commitment to the Jewish people and heart for loving the “least of these” took formal shape as a nonprofit called, SIMCHAH (Jewish word for the highest form of joy) in 2004, but later would be changed to Contagious Love International in 2007.

    In 2015, the Lord transitioned the Martin’s to “focus on America” and they ceased international travel. Jennifer would occasionally travel, with kids in tow, with Munday as he preached and ministered around the U.S. in many revivals and outpourings of the Holy Spirit. In 2018 the Holy Spirit led Jennifer to launch, “Awaken the Heart,” teachings and saturation sessions on the Father Heart of God, and things began to shift for Jennifer as her calling was born. She would live stream these intimate sessions that took people into God’s heart on her Facebook page and also write and publish her first book Awaken the Dark Horse Prophet. Munday also released his first book in 2021 called “Ecstatic Christianity,” which is about radical obedience to the words of Jesus and fully consumed with intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

    As 2020 began, invitations for Jennifer exclusively to travel and speak were growing because of the impact of her livestreams, but COVID caused cancellations. Soon thereafter, she launched her first book and the Dark Horse Prophet School. Both Munday and Jennifer’s desire to preach the gospel was increasing though, especially as the world was recovering from 2020.

    Tent Revival Story

    At the time, many ministries and churches were meeting outside in tents, which sparked the idea for CLI to host their own tent revival. So by April 2021, on the side of the interstate in Smyrna, TN, after thousands of dollars in donations came in quickly, Munday and Jennifer gathered hundreds of people under a tent for a time of seeking God together.

    April 22, 2021, the first night of the tent revival, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was so strong that healings and miracles were breaking out and continued to each night. But it wasn’t until the evening of April 25, Jennifer’s first night preaching, when the glory of God was so strong, as she laid hands on every single person, that visible manifestations of demons were occurring. Deliverance started happening and people were being set free. It was unlike anything they had ever experienced, personally. Deliverance continued every single night for the next 3 weeks of the tent revival.

    Meanwhile, Munday was receiving full songs with lyrics and melodies under the tent and in his dreams, reigniting a passion for music ministry like he hadn’t had before. By the end of the tent, he had close to 30 songs written and went on to record his first EP that fall and over 40 songs.

    The revival transitioned from the tent to a church in Murfreesboro, TN where they met every Friday until November. A move of God had truly begun and was not stopping. The invitations for Munday and Jennifer to speak were coming in again and Munday was also gaining vision about using his music for evangelistic purposes.

    2022 saw a new wine skin for the CLI ministry, with Jennifer hosting 22 revivals and Dark Horse Schools around the country, while Munday was recording new music to play live shows in venues across Nashville, with the hopes to share his testimony and the gospel message. He also recently received a commission from the Lord to carry revival fire he carries to the body of Christ in meetings.

    Together, years later, Munday and Jennifer’s mission remains the same–to create divine opportunities for the love of God to awaken and heal the broken and oppressed until every heart finds its home in the Kingdom of God.

    “As her and her husband have ministered here in Jerusalem, we have been blessed by their heart of worship, attitude of servanthood, and genuine love for the people of Israel. As they comfort His people, they are part of preparing the way of the Lord in Israel (Isaiah 40:1-5).”

    Rick and Patti Ridings

    Succat Hallel (24/7 worship and prayer in Jerusalem)

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