Munday Martin

    Meet Munday 

    Munday considers himself a wild, comedic, and creative troubadour for God. He loves Jesus, the Son of God, with his entire being after being saved from desperate drug addictions, severe depression and PTSD. He has a deep and rich history of over two decades of sharing the Good News of Jesus to the nations and on the streets.

    Beginning as a missionary in 2000, Munday’s deep love for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people brought him to the Holy Land on more than 20 trips to extravagantly love the citizens of Israel. He has been a pioneer of revival to 24 countries as the Lord worked through him in miracles, healings and joy outbreaks of the Holy Spirit. Munday has been directed by the Lord in this next season to take the revival and renaissance of the Holy Spirit he has so graciously received from the Lord to go into the arts and music industry. He is also a recognized speaker and author.

    Munday Martin is now a cutting-edge Christian indie rock artist in Nashville, TN.

    Munday’s vision is to help reshape popular culture by reflecting the identity and message of Jesus through media. He is being played on one of Nashville‘s biggest rock stations, and was recently promoted as the best up-and-coming artist in Nashville!

    Munday is an avid Bubly fan and makes the “best salads,” according to his wife. You can often find Munday enjoying nature walks outside and finding things to climb on. He loves playing records and writing poetry. Munday and his wife, Jennifer, along with their two children live in Nashville, TN.

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