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    Meet Jennifer

    Jennifer is a passionate prophetic voice, who’s heart is to see the broken, bound and wounded set free through the love of Christ. Her love for Jesus and for His people is tangible.

    She has inspired a fresh wave of “dark horses” (meaning unknown hidden ones emerging to cause great impact) after a dream she had on New Year’s Eve 2018, where she felt commissioned by the Lord to empower those who have felt unseen, muted and ignored in the Church to rediscover their voice and role in the Kingdom.

    Jennifer and her husband, Munday, established Contagious Love International in 2007, and have traveled to 24 nations including taking more than 20 trips to serve the people of Israel. In 2021, in the wake of the global pandemic, Jennifer and Munday set up a tent in Smyrna, TN to provide people a place to encounter the presence of God while so many churches were still unable to meet. The anointing of the Holy Spirit began to pour out in an unprecedented manner and deliverance quickly became a marker of their ministry events. That, originally scheduled 4 day event, turned into a 7 month revival. After 7 months, the Lord called Jennifer to take the revival to the road. Since the beginning of 2022, she and her team have been traveling all over the United States bringing healing and deliverance everywhere they go. 

    “If you want to find me in heaven, look for me at Jesus’ feet cause that’s where I’ll be.”


    Awaken: The Dark Horse Prophet

    She went on to write, Awaken: The Dark Horse Prophet, a book that explains the dark horse dream and champions the reader with the prophetic word of the Lord to run their race with all their heart. 

    Awaken: The Dark Horse Youth

    In 2022, Jennifer also wrote, Awaken: The Dark Horse Youth, a prophetic word over the next generation describing their mandate from God that will usher in a great harvest.

    Jennifer is championing a movement of Dark Horses,

    including the Dark Horse School, Awaken the Heart (teachings and saturation sessions on the heart of God), and spearheading a team led movement of ministers, moving in deliverance and inner healing to the body of Christ, under Contagious Love International.

    Jennifer is an ordained minister and a member of Che Ahn’s apostolic network called H.I.M., a coalition of church leaders and ministries around the world, and was also commissioned by apostolic leader and God Encounters Ministries Founder, James Goll.

    In her spare time, Jennifer loves to play cards, go to theme parks and listen to worship, or soft jazz music. She thoroughly enjoys the holiday season because it’s an excuse to be with family, relax, and eat “yummy food.” Jennifer and her husband Munday, live in Nashville, TN with their 2 teenage children.



    Awaken the Heart is a LIVE training and activation hosted by Jennifer Martin via her social media profile(s). These are periodically hosted sessions aimed to lead you into “right now” encounters with the Holy Spirit, engage with the Father’s heart and/or prophetic downloads aimed to equip, encourage and empower you by the Word of God.

    AWAKEN Revival Services with Jennifer and the CLI Team

    The CLI team came together after the anointing for deliverance and healing came upon the CLI ministry during a tent revival in Smyrna, TN in 2021 that Munday and Jennifer were leading. Since then, the team has been traveling around the country.

    “I love Jennifer and Munday’s faith and passion but most of all, I love their purity of heart.”
    Patricia King

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