Dark Horse School

    Dark Horse School

    is a free 2.5 day experience, hosted in various locations throughout the country, multiple times a year. This school is offered as an opportunity to equip the Body of Christ in the ministry of deliverance and trauma healing.

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    “Wow! We had an incredible time together with Jesus! I’m impacted forever! You all did such an amazing job of teaching, imparting, facilitating, leading and partnering with the Holy Spirit to fuel His fire in us for MORE! I count it an honor to have been there!”

    “It was without words the best conference I’ve ever been to!”

    “I will never forget how I felt the Lord that night in Murfreesboro, TN! I felt his love in abundance that night. I got just what I needed!”
    “A Spirit-filled weekend when my life was changed forever!”

    What is a dark horse?

    A dark horse is an unknown hidden one emerging to cause great impact. Read more about this term and the story behind it in Jennifer’s book, Awaken: The Dark Horse Prophet.

    Who is it for?

    The school is designed for followers of Jesus who want to understand deliverance, how to walk through it personally, and how to minister to others in need of healing and deliverance. If you are hungry to see the move of the Holy Spirit set people free – to receive from God and see others set free – this free training is for you!

    What makes DHS different?

    DHS is a unique life-changing experience. You are invited to be immersed in the Love of God and discover His heart for setting the captives free!

    Come and receive from these powerful teachings offered by the Contagious Love team as they share what they have learned by partnering with the Holy Spirit to see people delivered and healed. This weekend also includes opportunities to engage, ask questions, and receive ministry.

    What’s Included

    DHS includes 7 sessions aimed to not only equip and activate you, but also for you to personally
    encounter the power of the presence of God during our revival evening services!

    These sessions cover topics such as…
    The power of covenant
    Casting out demons
    Co-laboring with the Holy Spirit
    Advanced deliverance training

    Signs of demonic strongholds

    Breaking the legal rights of the enemy
    How to walk in true authority
    Care for after deliverance and healing
    Trauma healing
    And so much more…

    Sample Schedule

    Morning and afternoon sessions consist of training and equipping while evening sessions are revival services.

    Thursday Evening:

    Session 1, revival service

    Friday Morning:
    Session 2, training
    Friday Afternoon:
    Session 3, training
    Friday Evening:
    Session 4, revival service
    Saturday Morning:
    Session 5, training
    Saturday Afternoon:
    Session 6, training
    Saturday Evening:
    Session 7, revival service

    Meet Jennifer Martin

    Jennifer is a passionate prophetic voice, who’s heart is to see the broken, bound and wounded set free through the love of Christ. Her love for Jesus and for His people is tangible.

    She has inspired a fresh wave of “dark horses” (meaning an unknown hidden one emerging to cause great impact) after a dream she had on New Year’s Eve 2018, where she felt commissioned by the Lord to empower those who have felt unseen, muted and ignored in the Church to rediscover their voice and role in the Kingdom.

    Jennifer and her husband, Munday, established Contagious Love International in 2007, and have traveled to 24 nations including taking more than 20 trips to serve the people of Israel. 

    Meet The Team

    Aero Ministries

    Come and receive the love of God for YOU and then go and set others free!


    I need deliverance myself. Will I receive that at DHS?
    Our evening revival services are times for you to personally encounter and be ministered to by the Holy Spirit. We do see Him move in times of deliverance and healing during these services. Our team, in partnership with Him, do pray and minister to attendees during these sessions as well.
    What if I can’t make it to all the sessions?
    While we understand the schedule restrictions for many, each session builds upon itself. We pack each session full of material so there may be important topics you will miss should you choose to be absent. We also limit the number of seats and want everyone to be able to fully participate in the entire weekend if possible.
    Can I access this online?
    Not at this time. While there is so much content that is covered, we understand the limitations of many to travel to attend. However, what makes DHS different from other schools is the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and the personal ministry YOU receive in-person. For this reason, we highly encourage you to attend in-person. All evening services, however, are live streamed via Jennifer’s Facebook page and uploaded to her YouTube channel at a later date.
    Where can I buy a Dark Horse T-shirt and other merchandise?

    We offer Dark Horse shirts and other resources at our schools and other events, but you’re welcome to buy yours ahead of time here. We also have sweatshirts, long sleeve T-shirts and other items available online here.

    Can I bring my kids?

    Due to the intensity of some of the content taught, we do not encourage bringing kids under the age of 13. If you feel your teens can benefit from the material and desire to be equipped to move in deliverance, then they are welcome! If they only personally need deliverance, then we would encourage you to bring them to a revival service at another event.

    Is food and drink provided?

    We will provide water and coffee only, depending on the venue. There are a host of restaurants and local eateries to visit in the area and we give you 2 hour breaks in between sessions to grab food.

    Which airport is closest to where DHS is? Is there a hotel nearby?
    All DHS’ are hosted in or near cities with a major airport and we do include this information on the event registration form itself. Upon registration, we will inform you of the actual physical school location (if not noted already) that also includes local airport and hotel information. We do provide a hotel discount code for some locations.

    Have more questions not answered above? Send us an email! info@contagiouslove.org.

    “We have been able to observe up close Jennifer and Munday’s ministry and their personal lives. They both minister with powerful prophetic and healing anointings, but more importantly they personify Christ like character. As catalysts for revival, their hunger and passion for Jesus is contagious.”
    Pastors Patrick and Andrea Penn

    The Dwelling Place

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