Peace to Pieces by Rachel Cordero and Amber Wright

    Peace to the Pieces

    by Rachel Cordero and Amber Wright



    Are you exhausted and weary of carrying your past and the trauma attached to it every second of every day? Do you long for peace, but it never seems to rest upon you no matter your efforts to gain its reward? Perhaps anxiety and panic—or even the fear of anxiety and panic—are getting too much of your attention.

    Is your friend or loved one trapped in the prison of their trauma, and you want to help them recover? Maybe you feel called to help free people from their deep woundedness but don’t know how to be an effective partner.

    Amber and Rachel invite you to discover the joy of partnership with the Holy Spirit, Who does not require someone to have credentials in order to be His vessel of freedom. Compassion, patience, and faith in His leadership is all He needs. You are invited to open your heart to hope again, that peace and rest for the soul are not only imminent but also a promise of God. In Peace to the Pieces, you will understand how trauma effects the brain and how the Holy Spirit will lead the way to comfort everything that hurts—no matter how long ago, no matter how big or small. Your cries and the cries of your loved ones will have permission to be heard, and Jesus will be there to wipe away every tear.


    • You are not broken.
    • You are not crazy.
    • You are not alone.
    Awaken the Dark Horse Youth

    Awaken the Dark Horse Youth

    by Jennifer Martin

    To the Dark Horse Youth and those who desire to champion them, I want you to know that I am here for you. I’m here to champion you, cheer you on, lead you, guide you, and direct you in all the ways of God and His truth. I pray with all my heart that I can be a model of the love of God to you and show you that it is possible to be loved and love others well. I want to show you that there is more. There is so much more. God will allow us to see the greater love that has been unknown to so many and be the carriers of His love to an entire world. There is so much more I need to say to you, but first, let me show you why I am saying this. I hope what I’m about to reveal to you in this great mystery will inspire you to run like never before. It’s time. Let’s begin the journey to awaken the dark horse youth.

    May God awaken your heart as you:
    • Discover what the dark horse youth are
    • Hear Gods plans for the coming harvest
    • Read powerful supernatural dreams that give you clear insight and direction for the future
    • Are inspired to become part of the dark horse youth movement

    “He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, And light dwells with Him” (Daniel 2:22).

    Awaken the Dark Horse Prophet

    by Jennifer Martin

    God has a hidden army of dark horses throughout the earth. How do we know who they are? Awaken the Dark Horse Prophet offers detailed dreams given to Jennifer Martin, dreams that give you a front row seat to this new wave of dark horses being released on the earth. This book will prepare you for the revelation of this next wave and empower you to arise like the sun.

    May God awaken your heart as you:
    • Discover what the wave of dark horses looks like
    • Hear God’s plans for the coming government, music industry, and the church
    • Read powerful supernatural dreams that give you clear direction for your next steps; and
      are inspired to become part of the dark horse movement.

    You are invited by God to see many of His hidden treasures. Get ready to Awaken the Dark Horse Prophet.

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