Contagious Love

Championing a culture of unity
and love in the Body of Christ

Our Vision

To see every heart liberated and awakened to their place in the global family of God.

“Because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”


Munday and
Jennifer Martin

Munday and Jennifer Martin’s story, including the birth of Contagious Love International, started many years ago. Both being set free and healed individually, ignited a love for God and His Church before they were even married in 2001.

After years of international missions, the Martin’s formed a nonprofit organization, eventually calling it Contagious Love International in 2007. Their ministry continued to travel globally to 24 nations preaching the gospel and seeing God move powerfully in signs, wonders, and miracles with multitudes being saved, healed, and delivered through crusades, power evangelism, and ministering to the Body of Christ around the world.

In 2021, the Martin’s were led to hold a tent revival (“Field of Dreams Tent Revival”) which was the start of a fresh move of God that has led Munday and Jennifer to continue to travel around the country, hosting revival services and deliverance schools, and bringing light into the secular and Christian music industry.


Munday Martin is a cutting-edge apostolic and prophetic revivalist ordained by James Goll with a heart for the church to be a voice to the lost. Alongside his itinerate preaching schedule, Munday has also released music in the recent years and is a Christian indie rock artist with a band in Nashville, TN. Munday’s vision is two fold, to preach and bring revival to the church and to help reshape popular culture by reflecting the identity and message of Jesus through media. He is being played on one of Nashville’s biggest rock stations, and was recently promoted as the best up-and-coming artists in Nashville!

Munday considers himself a wild, comedic, and creative troubadour for God. He loves Jesus, the Son of God, with his entire being after being saved from desperate drug addictions, severe depression and PTSD. He has a deep and rich history of over two decades of sharing the Good News of Jesus to the nations and on the streets.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is a passionate prophetic voice, who’s heart is to see the broken, bound and wounded set free through the love of Christ. Her love for Jesus and for His people is tangible.

She has inspired a fresh wave of “dark horses” (meaning unknown hidden ones emerging to cause great impact) after a dream she had on New Year’s Eve 2018, where she felt commissioned by the Lord to empower those who have felt unseen, muted and ignored in the Church to rediscover their voice and role in the Kingdom.

About Us

Our Team

The Contagious Love International team travels around the country, leading revival services and deliverance schools, ministering the love and power of Jesus Christ to see many healed, set free and delivered. Their desire is to partner with local bodies of Christ and strengthen the move of the Holy Spirit in regions all over.

Our Mission

Creating divine opportunities for the love of God to awaken and heal the broken and oppressed. Until every heart knows it belongs and finds its place in the Kingdom of God. Championing a culture of unity and love in the Body of Christ.

We believe.

We love.

We care.

We give.

We partner.

We impact.

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“This was the most pure and powerful time of worship and healing that I've ever experienced.”

Stephanie, DHS Tennessee Attendee
“It was without words the best conference I’ve ever been to!”
“This weekend was truly life-changing! Thank you, Jennifer and team, for your obedience to this call the Lord put on your lives to equip us!”
“This weekend was incredible! Jennifer and her team were LOVE. They taught with humility (and laughter) and really showed what Jesus is supposed to look like!”

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